The Rolling Stones' guitarist was supposed to be celebrating his band mate's early birthday bash but dozed off prior to the event last Saturday night after the rock group - also consisting of Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts - performed at London's Hyde Park for their 50th anniversary tour.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, a source said: 'Keith was knackered. He went back to his hotel suite with the intention of getting ready to go to the party.

'But when he got in, he ended up going for a snooze. By the time he woke up there was no point going as he'd missed most of the action.'

Despite a combined age of almost 277, the band mates are showing no signs of slowing down and are adamant their music will keep improving because they have a solid relationship.

Speaking previously, Keith said: 'We know we're damn good and we have some weird desire to make it better.

'Everyone's still here, which is obviously an important ingredient. With any band that has been around, even for a few years, not everybody likes everybody all the time.

'But maybe you have a need for that conversation to continue, and music is the one way you can do that. It's stronger than the other things that get in the way.'