The first weekend of Coachella 2019 is over, and the music festival provided some bit surprises for attendees.

Californian hipsters are slowly making their way home after Coachella's first weekend music festival came to an end last night. And the weekend was full of surprise appearances.

Last night, before closing out the festival's opening weekend, Ariana Grande brought out none other than NSYNC. The singer had been teasing fans on her social media accounts days before her headline performance, uploading a video of herself as a very young girl at an NSYNC concert in the 90's.


Grande also replied to group member JC Sanchez, who asked Twitter "Mic check, mic check one... two... is this thing on?!?" before taking to the stage together afterwards.


Arichella, as this year's festival has been dubbed, saw NSYNC (minus Justin Timberlake), join Grande to perform 'Tearing' Up My Heart' from 1997.


Following this, she also brought out Nicki Minaj to perform their single 'Side To Side'. However, the set is believed to have been plagued by mic issues.


One of the biggest surprises of last night was Katy Perry's arrival on stage with DJ Zedd. The pair had collaborated earlier this year with track '365', and Perry arrived on stage to huge screams from fans in attendance. The singer was spotted partying at the festival over the weekend, but wasn't confirmed as a guest performer. She told the ecstatic crowd, "I used to sneak in here" before saying "I’ve been doing Coachella for about 17 years."


On Saturday night, Weezer also took to the stage with a couple of surprise guests. 80's rock band Tears for Fears joined them, as well as Chilli from 90's R&B group TLC. The band had released a cover's album earlier this year, with both artists getting the cover treatment.

The second weekend of Coachella is taking place all over again next weekend.