Celebrities shilling for multinational companies is far from a new development.

In the past, countless Hollywood actors have advertised toothpaste in Japan, chewing gum in China or followed the money to lend their faces to Super Bowl ads. Remember when Robert De Niro appeared in an ad for British bread brand Warburton's?

Katy Perry's new ad campaign for Just Eat, however, is on a whole new level of bizarreness.

The pop star is the new face of the food delivery service, and features on a new TV ad that sees her spin a whole song out of the famous 'Did somebody say Just Eat?' jingle.

If you wondered whether you'd ever hear Katy Perry singing "Cos I get what I want when I want it / Margherita with extra cheese on it" and "Need some ice cream, make it a swirl / Gotta treat this California Gurl", well, wonder no more.

Putting the blatant commerciali$m aside, it is visually impressive, at least.

Watch it below: