Whether you like her or not there's little denying that Miley Cyrus was the most talked about, controversial and - in Kasabian's case - the most reviled pop star of 2013. So much so, in fact, that the Leicester lads described the former clean cut Hannah Montana star as "a f*cking nightmare of the 21st century" in an interview with UK mag NME.

Guitarist Serge Pizzorno was quoted by the publication as saying (in typically restrained form): "I don't really know what that world is, man. It's just a fucking money making thing. We (the music industry) created Miley Cyrus man, that's out fault. She's just a f*cking accumulation of internet porn, f*cking hip-hop, f*cking Disney World. She's just a f*cking nightmare of the 21st century."

Pizzorno's anger isn't solely directed at Cyrus, however, but at the music industry as a whole for exploiting Cyrus for financial gain. He continued: "It's not her fault but we created that. The way she goes about her business, Twitter, all this bollocks, blows my mind."

Singer Tom Meighan chimed is clearly in agreement with his guitarist, adding that "my daughter's not going to be anything like her, no way."

Not that we think Kasabian are paragons of virtue or anything, but are they on the money with this? I'm leaning towards 'yes'.