Good news for Kanye fans: it doesn't appear like you'll be waiting very long for a follow-up to his critically-acclaimed Yeezus, as he's already begun formulating ideas for his next release.

Speaking to US radio station Power 99, West said: "I haven't named my next album, but I have started on it. I always write down philosophies all the time, so I'll just have some thoughts and every time I think of it I write, and I'm just collecting beats, I'm just constantly working. I'd like to put out more product, I'd like to have another album out by next summer."

West also teased as sequel to his hugely successful 'Watch The Throne' collaboration with Jay Z, stating: "We're constantly working, I mean we haven't made any songs for it yet. We're going to see what's going to happen."

Where does Kanye find the time for all these projects, what with being God and all....?