With Elon Musk now at the helm of Twitter, the so-called 'Space Karen' (as one person so aptly put it) has been reintroducing - or at least inviting - some controversial figures to the platform.

In recent days, Musk has said that the likes of Jordan Peterson and Kathy Griffin will be invited back onto Twitter, and he cast a poll for people to vote on whether Donald Trump should be reinstated.

However, one man who wasn't waiting for an invite was Kanye West, who was banned from Twitter last month after tweeting some extremely offensive things about Jewish people.

The rapper posted on October 8th that he was going “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE" and was banned on the 9th for violating the social media platform's policies. He had been banned by Instagram for similar reasons.

Yesterday, however, he returned to Twitter following the ban with a test tweet:

Which, needless to say, Musk was delighted about:

Other people were not so enamoured with the idea of West having a platform to shout offensive things from...