You might think that 2020 as a year and a general concept couldn't get any stranger what with *gestures broadly* everything going on, but Kanye West joining the US presidential election still manages to be pretty strange.

Even though South Carolina doesn't allow for write-in candidates (a candidate who does not appear on the ballot, but voters are allowed to vote for nonetheless) and Kanye West missed the deadline to be added to the ballot, he's only gone and chosen the state as the site of his first presidential rally. West has also asked for his fans in South Carolina to sign a petition to allow him onto the ballot.

It's not all bad news for West's presidential hopes. He managed to get on the ballot in Oklahoma, as that state allows independent candidates to be added - provided they pay a $35,000 fee.

Right now, West's chances of winning are pretty much zero. In a poll released earlier this week, voters were asked if they'd vote for Kanye West if he was on the national ballot. West scored just 2%, compared to Joe Biden's 48% and Donald Trump's 39% in the same poll.

West's rally is expected to take place later this evening, about 9PM our time, where we're guessing he's either going to lay out his domestic policy and 50-state strategy for victory, as well as announcing his VP pick, or he's going to use all of this to tout his next album - which he apparently tweeted then deleted over the weekend.