Considering Kanye West's love of all things fashion and design, you would have thought that he'd have been all over Instagram a long time ago.

Earlier this year, he resisted fans' urging him to join the site, saying "no one can ask me or try to tell me what to Instagram... It's my art..." - but the rapper finally made his way onto the photo-based social media site yesterday, however, and announced his arrival in typically Kanye West fashion.

What might be first post be? A selfie with Taylor Swift? Something from his fashion line? A picture of his kids? Another attempt to 'break the Internet' involving his wife, Kim Kardashian?

Nope: a still from 'Total Recall', presented with no comment.

What does it all mean? Either he's trying to make some grand artistic statement about life and virtual reality.... or he was watching it over the weekend and forgot how much he enjoyed it. Knowing him, it's probably the former, though.

In any case, he's already clocked up 818k followers in just 16 hours. Not bad going.