He has already thrown his hat into the ring - whether seriously or as a publicity-generating exercise - to run for President in 2020, and now Kanye West has stirred controversy by publicly praising Donald Trump.

The rapper had what sounds like an utterly bizarre gig in San Jose, California last night, where Vulture report that he came on late, repeatedly stopped mid-way through songs to go on rants about the 'paradigm shift' that's happening in America, apologise to Nike for statements that he's made, give out to people for dancing during a song, and yes - call Donald Trump a 'genius'.

He allegedly said that he'd been a Trump supporter for a while, but Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun had advised him not to make his feelings known until after the election, and that he would have voted for Trump - if he had bothered to vote.

Sounds like you need to go and have a lie down, Kanye.