So often it's found that people who have some desperate, unambiguous need for attention are often the ones who will go out of their way for it.

Case in point is Kanye West, who went out of his way to ensure that Forbes listed him as a billionaire - and even went a step further by showing the money magazine all of his assets, receipts, financial statements and bank records to prove that point.

Most of West's money comes from Yeezy runners, which we're told are very fashionable but who honestly knows what that is anymore. On top of that, the 'Gold Digger' rapper made up the rest of the billion-dollar figure on his publishing rights, property and even some investments in livestock.

So, yes, it can be stated to within a degree of certainty that Kanye West is a billionaire. Well done on the money, Ye. That said, you haven't had a good album since 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' and your clothes look like shit.

The whole thing came about when West was omitted from Forbes' annual rundown of parasites billionaires, and sent a journalist at the magazine a threatening message, citing his absence as "purposely snubbing me" and "disrespectful."

Look, when the revolution comes and they start guillotining billionaires in the streets, Kanye West can at least feel good about the fact that he's among them, if nothing else.