When Kanye West cancelled the remaining dates of his Saint Pablo tour last November, he probably didn't expect to have a lawsuit on his hands relating to his insurers.

As it happens, the rapper has filed a $10 million lawsuit against Lloyd's of London for their alleged refusal to payout the claim for losses on the cancelled tour.

The Hollywood Reporter was the first to report on the case, which sees West alleging a breach of contract and a breach of good faith and fair dealing after he cancelled the tour due to medical reasons. He later checked into a psychiatric centre at UCLA after suffering a mental breakdown - much of which played out on the tour before it was cancelled, including his 15-minute tirade against Beyonce and Jay-Z and telling his audience that he would have voted for Donald Trump.

The long and short of the complicated suit - which can be read in more detail here - is that the rapper is angry that Lloyd's have stalled on the claim, and he suggests that the company and/or their agents "purposely and maliciously disseminated privileged, private and personal information" to the media about his condition in order to undermine his claim.

West has not performed live since the last date of the tour on November 19th 2016.