It's a busy news day for Kanye West - not only is he in the headlines for claiming that the recent MTV European Music Awards were fixed, but he's also being sued by hip-hop mogul Suge Knight (CEO of Death Row Records).

Knight was shot at a party hosted by West in 2005, and is holding him responsible for the injuries sustained - claiming that the rapper's security allowed the shooter into the club. He's also filing claims against West for the loss of an expensive diamond stud earring, medical costs and the cost of a private jet he used to return home to Los Angeles after the incident.

West has yet to issue a statement on the incident, but spoke to The Sun about the EMAs, saying: "Britney Spears over Rihanna? Are you serious? I mean f****ing Jared Leto? He's my boy but he shouldn't have won over some of those other artists. I won nothing last year and I'd brought out 'Stronger', then this year, just because I was there, I won best urban act. This was Lil Wayne's year."