Justin Timberlake may once have been the hottest property in pop music, but it seems that the former boybander's star is taking a bit of a bashing lately.

As you may have seen, a few weeks back Timberlake went viral for all the wrong reasons. A clip from a gig in Washington DC saw him urge the crowd to 'Beat yo' feet!' before indulging in the kind of dance moves that even your dad would be embarrassed about breaking out.

In fact, the dance move was enough to inspire a trend amongst Tik Tokers, with some Twitter users also accusing Timberlake of attempting to 'Riverdance'.

@corey_obrien beat yo feet! @Justin Timberlake ? #fyp #dance #justintimberlake ♬ original sound - Corey O’Brien

@imjustagrill this looked familiar…. #justintimberlake #dancing #fyp #fypシ #fypage ♬ original sound - yelsel??‍♀️???

@sarenaephoto #duet with @goldskin_forever #justintimberlake #justinbieber #StJudeDadPhotos #riverdance ♬ original sound - Queen?


Justin Timberlake… WHAT IS THIS?!??

♬ original sound - Joshua Pingley

Timberlake made an amusing and good-natured apology on Instagram, but with articles titled 'What the hell happened to Justin Timberlake?' accusing him of becoming the 'King of Cringe' on Rolling Stone, has the damage been done?

@groovyem326 #justintimberlake #justintimberlakedance #justintimberlakedance #theoffice #michaelscottdancing #michealscotttheoffice #michaelscott #dancing ♬ original sound - Em

Timberlake has teamed up with Pharrell, Halsey and Calvin Harris for new single 'Stay with Me', released July 15th - which may go some way to restoring his street cred.

Watch this space...