Justin Bieber is on a mission to make the world a better place, if you believe the press release that accompanied his most recent album 'Justice'.

Although most of the songs are love songs about his wife Hailey, the Canadian pop star made a big deal about the album 'making a difference to society', with lines like "I know that I cannot simply solve injustice by making music but I do know that if we all do our part by using our gifts to serve this planet and each other that we are that much closer to being united.”

Apparently that means doing his bit to entertain prisoners, too.

Footage has emerged of Bieber visiting a Californian State Prison last month, where he performed four songs for the inmates.

One of them, 'Lonely', has raised eyebrows with some people as it's essentially a song about being lonely because of the trappings of fame.

With lines like "Everybody knows my past now/ Like my house was always made of glass/ And maybe that’s the price you pay/ For the money and fame at an early age", it's doubtful that the song resonated with the audience - although to be fair, most of them looked like they were paying attention.

What next - Jedward in the 'Joy?