Having teased the song earlier this week, Justin Bieber has unveiled his new collaboration with Ed Sheeran.

The song is called 'I Don't Care' and sees the Canadian and the English pop stars sing about their 'anxiety' at a party. The lyrics read: "With all these people all around, I’m crippled with anxiety / But I’m told it’s where I’m supposed to be, you know what? / It’s kind of crazy ’cause I really don’t mind, when you make it better like that."

Deep, man.

It's an upbeat, pretty understated little ditty and marks the first time that the two titans of the pop world have sung together - although Sheeran wrote Bieber's 2016 hit 'Love Yourself', as well 'Cold Water', which was recorded by Major Lazer feat. Bieber.

Song of the summer? We'll see.

Hear it below: