Justin Bieber's squeaky clean image has taken a bit of a hit in 2013. Biebs made the first big celebrity headlines of 2013 when a paparazzo was killed in a car accident while chasing a vehicle which he thought was being driven the Canadian pop superstar. Instead, one of Bieber's friends, a rapper named Lil Twist, was behind the wheel. Photographer Chris Guerra, who was chasing the vehicle, died when he lost control of his car. Guerra had alleged that that Bieber was allegedly a marijuana user, accusations which have been denied by Bieber's camp.

However, pictures taken on January 2nd, one day after the death of photographer, appear to show our Justin smoking a blunt at a party, surrounded by numerous others and apparently some of whom snapped pictures and sold them to TMZ.

Picture copyright TMZ.com

The US celebrity gossip website has published the images which appear to show Bieber's best impression of Snoop Dogg, in direct contradiction to denials made by his publicists that he'd ever engage in such activity.

After TMZ published the story, Biebs took to his Twitter page to issue an apology. Well, sort of. Bieber never actually mentions anything regarding the pictures but a link between the Tweets and the TMZ story is relatively easy to make.

Kids these days, huh?