He may have sold more than 120 million albums throughout his career but legendary Spanish singer Julio Iglesias left fans packed into The O2 last week massively disappointed, forcing many to abandon the show halfway through.

The 70-year-old Iglesias's show was the subject of a series of irate phone calls to RTE's Liveline from concert attendees. Grainne Hayes, who described herself as a lifelong fan of Iglesias, said: "He indulged himself in Spanish songs we never heard of. And when it got to 'All The Girls We Love', I wouldn't have known it if it wasn't for the band melody."

She went on to describe the darkened stage inside The O2, which many of the show's older audience found difficult to see in spite of the €60 ticket prices. Hayes went on to mention that a significant portion of the audience left the venue midway through the concert, apparently unable to take anymore of the substandard show.

Pat Egan, the show's promoter, even commented on his disappointment at the performance given by Iglesias, saying: "It was not the performance I would have expected from an artist of that calibre."

Another called named Paddy also voiced his anger at Iglesias' below par performance, saying that it was the "worst concert I ever attended" and that Igelsias "could hardly get on stage."

"Our country has become a pension fund for singers. You don't pick a football player who isn't 100% fit so why employ a singer that is not even 20% fit?"

(Via Independent) Photos: WENN