As you may have heard, legendary rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen recently passed away.

Following the news of his death, several stories and anecdotes were doing the rounds on social media - including an amusing one about Journey frontman Steve Perry.

The 'Don't Stop Believin'' band went on a joint tour with Van Halen in 1978, and it seems there was a bit of a ruckus backstage one night.

Now, Perry has clarified what actually happened and claims that he didn't actually cry, but he was upset about the incident.

He told Rolling Stone: "I open the door and was about to say, “Hey, guys …” Now, back in these days, guacamole came in a cottage-cheese–like container. The band was having a food fight. Just as I was opening the door, a container of guacamole bumped off the mirror to my left and splashed against my most prized possession, being a small town kid from Fresno. It was my satin tour jacket that had “Journey” on the back of it. Wearing that, I felt like I was finally somebody.

"The guacamole went on my left shoulder and my left arm. I looked down on it and I looked up at them and they sheepishly laughed like, “Oh shit.” I just looked at them and I closed the door and left because I was pissed. I went into the bathroom and I was just pissed. That was my prized jacket. I still loved them, but I couldn’t give them props anymore after that. I wiped my guacamole off my satin jacket."

He added: "There was no crying! I wouldn’t cry over guacamole. It becomes folklore at some point. It becomes silly.”