You have to feel for Johnny Marr.

It must get seriously tiresome to be asked the same thing in almost every interview, despite his thriving solo career: 'When are The Smiths reforming?'

And considering Morrissey's increasingly bizarre behaviour in recent times - not to mention his support for far-right figures and organisations like For Britain - it must be doubly frustrating.

However, when a fan put the same question to him on Twitter, he shut down the rumours of a reunion in 2020 with four simple words - and managed to get a sly dig in at his former bandmate, in the process.

Morrissey has voiced his support for former UKIP leader Nigel Farage in recent years, calling him a "liberal educator."

Responding to the comments in an interview at the time, Marr admitted that he and Morrissey "probably don’t have much ideologically in common any more.”

So, no - there will be no Smiths reunion. Not with Johnny Marr, anyway.