Look, Kate Bush has never been one to do things by convention. This is a woman who didn't play live for 35 years, remember, just because... well, she didn't want to.

That means that when she was asked the inevitable interview question 'How would you feel about a biopic of your life being made' during a recent chat with MacLean's, she responded with a most unusual answer.

"I don’t think it’s a very nice idea at all. I don’t think my life is that interesting. I’m quite a private person and I like my work to do the talking," she said. "However, if I ever were in a position to choose who would play me, I think I’d choose Johnny Depp."

While we'll respectfully disagree about how interesting your life has been, Kate, given Depp's recent film choices with Pirates of the Caribbean et al, maybe playing a reclusive legendary female musician doesn't sound as outlandish as it seems. Plus, we'd love to see him trying to nail the high notes and doing the 'Wuthering Heights' dance.

Or else Kate is trolling us all magnificently. Yeah, it's probably that, actually.