It's been several months since country legend John Prine sadly passed away after contracting coronavirus.

Prine, whose wife Fiona is Irish and who was a regular visitor to the west of Ireland, contracted the virus and passed away at the age of 73 after suffering complications, including developing pneumonia in both lungs.

Now, Fiona Whelan Prine has spoken out against Donald Trump after his first debate with Joe Biden the other night, labelling him a "fucking idiot" on Twitter and holding him responsible for her husband's death.

When a fan accused her of 'tainting' her husband's legacy, she responded: "you have not truly listened to his body of work if you think that John had anything but distain for the modern Republican Party and all they represent.Trump is the ultimate manifestation of their self-serving hypocrisy [sic]."

If you needed reminding, the US election takes place on Tuesday, November 3rd.