He is partially responsible for one of the greatest protest songs about the monarchy ever written - but Johnny Rotten, aka John Lydon, seems to have mellowed in age.

The punk legend, best known for fronting the Sex Pistols, may once have sang 'God save the queen... she ain't no human being', but he was humming a different tune when he paid tribute to the late British monarch on social media over the weekend.

"Rest in Peace Queen Elizabeth II. Send her victorious," he tweeted, quoting the English national anthem.

However, the tribute may not come as too big a surprise to those who have been following Lydon's interviews in recent years.

In 2017, he spoke about how he would feel about 'God Save the Queen' being used in the eventuality of Elizabeth's demise, and said the song was "about a political situation and the demand for obedience to a monarchy I don’t believe in. But that’s a human being and I would sorely miss her as a human being on planet Earth," he added.

Earlier this year, he had also spoken about his feelings towards the royal family, claiming that he had been misinterpreted.

"I’ve got no animosity against any one of the royal family. Never did," he wrote in an Op-Ed for The Times. "It’s the institution of it that bothers me and the assumption that I’m to pay for that. There’s where I draw the line."