The Beatles' split has been described in many quarters as 'acrimonious' over the years, but there hasn't been much primary evidence of just how bitter things got between the band members following their dissolution in 1970.

A two-page letter from John Lennon to Paul and Linda McCartney written in 1971, however, goes some way to gauging the mood between the songwriting partners at that time.

The letter sold at auction for almost $30,000 at the weekend, with auctioneers RR describing it as being written by Lennon in response to Linda McCartney's criticism of his decision to leave the band without publicly announcing it.

The typed letter has handwritten annotations, and begins: "I was reading your letter and wondering what middle aged cranky Beatle fan wrote it. I resisted looking at the last page to find out—I kept thinking who is it—Queenie? Stuart's mother?—Clive Epstein's wife?—Alan Williams?—What the hell—it's Linda!"

It also makes reference to their alleged treatment of Yoko Ono, saying "I hope you realize what shit you and the rest of my 'kind and unselfish' friends laid on Yoko and me, since we've been together."

Lennon clearly gets quite agitated about Linda's allegation, saying that it was Paul and former manager Allen Klein who had 'persuaded' him not to make a public declaration: "the c*nts asked me to keep quiet about it".

Read the full letter here.

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