Led Zeppelin's legendary guitarist Jimmy Page is currently knee-deep in production in a series of new Zeppelin releases. But before you get too excited, don't expect to hear any brand new material but instead a series of deluxe editions of Led Zeppelin's incredible back catalogue from their 1969 self-titled debut all the way through the band's 1982 post break-up album Coda.

"It will be coming out, bit by bit", Page told Rolling Stone. The first reissue is due next year and Page commented that they'll have "added sonic and visual thrills".

Chief among Page's reasoning for this is that it's been twenty years since any extensive remastering have been done to Zeppelin's catalogue. "That's a long time", said Page. "Everything is being transferred from analogue to a higher-resolution digital format. That's one of the problems with the Zeppelin stuff - it sounds ridiculous on MP3. You can't hear what's there properly."

Anyone who's heard the correct version of 'Celebration Day' from Led Zeppelin III will know exactly what he's talking about.

While Page admits that there isn't a great deal of unreleased studio tracks from Led Zeppelin, there is an "overage of material - different versions of things, different approaches to mixes."

"I'm not just throwing on any old flotsam and jetsam. This will be really substantial stuff."

Excited much? We're practically foaming at the mouth here.