Speculation was rife recently that, when a countdown clock appeared on Led Zeppelin's official website, that it would eventually lead to an announcement that the remaining Zep members would embark on a reunion tour. However, as you most likely are aware of by now, the clock turned out to be a countdown to the release of Celebration Day - a DVD of the band's one-off show in London in late 2007.

That DVD, which will come out on November 19th, looks as though it will be as close to a Led Zep live show as you're going to get. Speaking to Rolling Stone, Jimmy Page said: "I think if there had been any more concerts to be done, we'd already be talking about them so I don't see it. [Celebration Day] is a testament to what we did in 2007. There it is."

We'll keep our fingers crossed for just one more tour but it's looking like more and more of a long-shot as time ticks on.