Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison appear to be taking a lead from Tupac and resurrecting themselves in hologram form for upcoming live tours, or rather their estates are making that decision on their behalf.

A hologram of Tupac Shakur joined Snoop Dogg on stage at the recent Coachella festival in the US, the first such event at a high profile concert, and it appears to have sparked the imagination of the estates of a whole slew of deceased rock stars.

Jeff Jampol, who manages Jim Morrison's assets, told Billboard that he'd been considering the idea for the past ten years. "Hopefully, Jim Morrison will be able to walk right up to you, look you in the eye, sing right at you and then turn around and walk away". No, that doesn't sound creepy AT ALL.

As well as Hendrix, plans are also afoot to take Elvis back on tour.