Britney Spears' father, Jamie Spears, has officially been ousted from her conservatorship.

Jamie Spears has been his daughter's conservator since 2008. The court appointed arrangement meant that Jamie had control of Britney's person and estate, namely pretty much all her finances and elements of her personal life.

Britney has been pushing back and her legal battle to end the conservatorship has been the subject of media headlines for months. It was also highlighted by a number of recent documentaries.

In this latest development, Judge Brenda Penny ruled that Jamie Spears will no longer serve as the conservator of his daughter’s estate.

Immediately removing him from control of Britney's finances. Penny said: "I believe that the suspension is in the best interests of the conservatee.

"The current situation is untenable."

Britney Spears’ attorney, Mathew Rosengart, argued in court that her father is "a cruel, toxic, abusive man."

He said: "It’s about what Britney wants. She wants him out of her life today.

"Britney Spears deserves to wake up tomorrow without her father as her conservator."

Vivian Thoreen, attorney for Jamie Spears, opposed the objection, saying it would be better to end the conservatorship entirely.

She said: "There is not a shred of evidence for suspension.

"Mr. Spears has faithfully and loyally served. His record is impeccable."

Last month a filing from Thoreen on behalf of Jamie Spears detailed that he "intends to work with the Court and his daughter’s new attorney to prepare for an orderly transition to a new conservator."

John Zabel, an accountant, has been appointed to temporarily control Britney's estate until further steps are taken.

Jodi Montgomery, who manages the Britney's day-to-day wellbeing and medical decisions, will continue in the role of conservator of the singer's person, as she expressed is her wish.

A hearing has been set for November 12th to determine whether the conservatorship will be ended entirely.