James Blunt announced his new album in quite an unusual fashion the other week, but now the 'You're Beautiful' singer has revealed details of what it might sound like.

Blunt was speaking to Radio X the other night when he told the presenter that he had moved on from writing 'dour' songs and the new record would offer something a little different.

"This does feel really different for me and, you know, I know I've written, I suppose, four albums with me on a guitar writing these pretty miserable, dour sort of songs and I feel that's a lifetime away really," he said. "Particularly from the kind of time of Back to Bedlam and 'You're Beautiful' and so this album is very different for me."

He added that he had been working with the likes of OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder and Stephan Moccio, who was produced and written for everyone from The Weeknd to Miley Cyrus to Celine Dion, and that he is 'nervous' because his new sound is so different to his previous fare.

"I am genuinely nervous about this record because, as I say, it does sound different and you never quite know if anyone will like it or not," he said. "But I suppose I was just… I was tired of doing the same old kind of miserable songs and I wanted to do something that reflected me a bit more, which was something with a bit more energy."