'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' returned from its musical grave and back onto our screens last night via its new home of Sky Max.

While not being as edgy as we would have liked, it's still enjoyable to see the music-themed panel show return, even with its revamped, cleaner look. For the next few weeks, Tuesday nights will now be called 'Noel Fielding Nights' after we make the switch over from watching 'Bake Off' on Channel 4.

Last night's first episode of the comeback series saw presenter Greg Davies and team captains Fielding and Daisy May Cooper be joined by Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix, as well as Anne-Marie, YungBlud, and Tom Grennan. Comedian Jamali Maddix was also on hand for a few extra laughs.

However, in our opinion, it was the Little Mix performer who delivered one of the best moments from the season premiere. Earlier in the episode, Thirlwall was talking about the worst thing that happened to her this year, explaining it was when a seagull sh*tted on her. She said: "I was really lucky it was a solid sh*t, because if it had been runny it would have gone in my mouth and my eye."

But wait - there's more.

When asked by Davies about the beef between former Oasis man Noel Gallagher and her Little Mix trio (which Noel started by saying Little Mix didn't deserve their recent Brit Award win), Jade Thirlwall had this to say about Noel Gallagher, making reference to his rock band: "I'm a big fan of high flying birds sh*tting on us."

But wait - there's even more.

Thirlwall dropped the microphone on the Gallagher brother with a further dig at him. Take a look at the video below to see what the pop star says that makes the entire 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' studio erupt into laughter.

*sips tea*

'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' continues on Sky Max and NOW every Tuesday.