The latest single from Justin Bieber - 'Lonely' - produced by Benny Blanco, may be one of his most personal songs yet.

The music video for 'Lonely' (directed by Jake Schreier) has just dropped on Youtube and in its first four hours, has already accumulated over a million views. It features 'Room' and 'Wonder' star Jacob Tremblay.

The 14 year old plays a young Justin Bieber in the video.

It reflects on the trials of being a young celebrity, something which Bieber and Temblay share in common, as the lyrics go: "Everybody knows my past now, like my house was always made of glass. Maybe that's the price you pay for the money and fame at an early age. And everybody saw me sick, and it felt like no one gave a s---. They criticized the things I did as an idiot kid."

The heartbreaking chorus goes: "What if you had it all, but nobody to call? Maybe then you'd know me. 'Cause I've had everything but no one's listening, and that's just f---ing lonely. I'm so lonely."

The video ends with Jacob Tremblay standing on a stage alone, miming the lyrics. Bieber watches, alone, from his seat in the theatre.

Watch it here.