What was that? A whole five minutes before someone thought of a new way to make money out of Michael Jackson's death. The newest one is the re-issue of Jackson's 1988 autobiography 'Moonwalk'.

The rights to the book were bought over by Harmony Books in the US and Canada , and Heinemann publishers in the UK. Harmony Books is an imprint of well known publishers Random House, and reports say that the re-printed autobiography will include a new introduction written by 'a figure close to Jackson'. Meanwhile, original editor Shaye Areheart will write a new afterward.

According to reports, the reprint of 'Moonwalk' will be in shops in late October.  It's clever really, there's a whole new generation of Jackson fans to read it now. And then there's the rest of us, who are all morbidly fascinated by his life, and now his mysterious death.  Having topped bestseller lists on its original release, its sure to break records this time.