While attending a Jack White concert in Canada, fan Allyson MacIvor was told by an usher to stop kissing her girlfriend. She then asked to be escorted to a manager. 

The incident happened during White's concert at Roger's Place in Edmonton, Alberta. MacIvor has since undergone a TV interview where she states she does not want the employee to be fired. She wishes the employee to be educated, as firing them is "the last thing this situation needs."

She continued, "what we need is for someone to take her, a manager, Roger's Place to take this employee and support them, ask questions and educate them. Train them so they can go back into the workforce with a new perspective."

MacIvor even went a step further. She said she'd like to get to know "this employee on a more personal and deeper level than the events that just happened."

White has said he is "disappointed" with the homophobic incident. The musician took to Instagram and uploaded a photo of a couple embracing during a Beatles concert in 1964. He said "this is one of my favourite photos because of how beautiful the situation is; they are hiding in plain sight.

"It's 2018 now and two people expressing affection shouldn’t have to hide. The news that two women were stopped from kissing during my show in Edmonton really disappointed me." He continued, "At the next show in Calgary I dedicated the song 'Love Interruption' to the two women and encouraged everyone in the crowd to kiss their loved ones."

He rounded off the post by urging fans, "Let’s promote love and acceptance wherever and whenever we can."