Don't be surprised if you've never heard of Josh Tillman. The Fleet Foxes drummer has been releasing solo material for as long as his band has, but those albums (largely digital releases) have stayed under the radar while FF conquered the indie-folk world.

It'd be perhaps unfair, but also completely accurate to suggest that Tillman should stick with his day job; it's not that 'Vacilando Territory Blues' is a bad album, but if you're the sort of person who prefers instant gratification over satisfaction-via-perseverance, you'd best avoid this.

The majority of these thirteen tracks are bared-boned and acoustic, Tillman's fragile hum of a voice working most effectively when it lends itself to the more atmospheric numbers. The alt-country of 'Firstborn' is slow and steady, 'James Blues' is well-structured and benefits from a flavoursome piano melody, and the more upbeat numbers - 'Steel On Steel', 'New Imperial Grand Blues' - are derivative, but easily the best.

There's only so many dour, barely-there guitar-led songs you can take before it all becomes a bit frustrating, though, and 'Master's House' and 'Someone, With Child' are the worst offenders in that respect. Perhaps 'Vacilando Territory Blues' works best in certain (miserable) circumstances, but it encompasses none of the vitality or creativity of Tillman's principal musical endeavour.