Although it seems like they've been around forever (and even longer than that, if you're not a fan), Coldplay are still a reasonably young band.

In fact, frontman Chris Martin celebrates his 40th birthday today - so with that in mind, we've decided to list ten of his best songs, from the band's first album 'Parachutes' 17 years ago (!) to their most recent, 'A Head Full of Dreams'.

Have we left any glaringly obvious titles out? Do feel free to let us know in the comments!

1. 'YELLOW' (from 2000's 'Parachutes')

There'd be ructions if this track was left off any Coldplay 'Best Of'. It may not be their most nuanced song, let's say, but as indie anthems go, it's a modern classic.


2. 'SPARKS' (from 2000's 'Parachutes')

There may be bigger songs on 'Parachutes', but the simplicity of this beautiful love song can't be discounted.


3. 'THE SCIENTIST' (from 2002's 'A Rush of Blood to the Head')

It's soppy, it's sentimental and it's got absolutely nothing to do with science - but it remains one of the quartet's biggest songs.


4. 'WARNING SIGN' (from 2002's 'A Rush of Blood to the Head')

An oft-overlooked album track that's bypassed in favour of the likes of 'Clocks' and 'In My Place', this is a little underrated gem.


5. 'FIX YOU' (from 2005's 'X & Y')

See previous comments re: 'The Scientist': a similarly sentimental love song, but there's a sweetness in there, too. When you know that it was written for Gwyneth Paltrow after the death of her father, the lyrics take on a new poignancy.


6. 'VIVA LA VIDA' (from 2008's Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends)

Also known as 'the album that Coldplay started to lose the run of themselves', but this song remains an enjoyably pompous little number.


7. 'PARADISE' (from 2011's 'Mylo Xyloto')

By now full-blown global rock stars, Martin and co. needed those huge hi-def, stadium-filling singalong anthems in their back pocket; the weepies wouldn't do it anymore. Despite the notions-y album title, as hi-def, stadium-filling singalong anthems go, this is a gem.


8. 'HYMN FOR THE WEEKEND' (from 2015's 'A Head Full of Stars')

Chris, you can thank Beyoncé for this one. She lent the band an infinite amount of credibility in their attempt to go r'n'b, but y'know what? This is a nifty little track for both acts.


9. 'ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME' (from 2015's 'A Head Full of Stars')

They've attempted a number of different styles over the course of their six albums, but Coldplay have never lost their sense of melody. This track is a glimmering, groovy little number packed with sweet notes and a great video, to boot.