Eurovision may be a contest that unites the continent (plus Australia), but there was high drama at the Italian Eurosong competition at the weekend.

25 finalists took part in the San Remo music festival contest, all vying for the opportunity to represent Italy at the final in May.

However, one of the entrants - Bugo & Morgan - had a falling-out mid-song that led to them being disqualified from the competition.

It seems that vocalist Morgan changed the lyrics of the song at the last minute to insult his co-performer. The lyrics of 'Sincero' were changed to call out his ‘ingrattitude, arrogance, and bad intention'. They also suggested that he ‘respect the stage and the person who brought him there.’

Bugo approaches the singer to grab a sheet of paper from him and walks off stage. He late ignores calls to return.

It all looks like a bit of a publicity stunt, but still - it's entertaining. Considering how the clip has been watched over 9 million times in recent days, it's also clear that people love a bit of drama.