Kanye West is not a happy bunny when it comes to his relationship with Adidas. The musician and footwear giants have collaborated in the past, creating the shoe line 'Yeezys'.

Yesterday, Adidas celebrated what they called 'Yeezy Day' — off the back of this celebration the company were offering deals on Yeezys, older styles and options in new colour ranges.

But apparently, the whole concept from the marketing side of creating the official holiday to the production side with the new colours had not been approved by Mr West. Yeezus.

Kanye shared his disadain on, yep you guessed it, Instagram yesterday by messaging the Complex Instagram account stating, "adidas made up the Yeezy day idea without my approval then went and brought back older styles without my approval went and hired people that worked for me without my approval stole my styles and material approaches without my approval".

West seemed furious at the poaching of Yeezy talent and the subsequent alleged copycatting of his creations in other Adidas projects, namely his signature Yeezy slides.

The message continued "hired a gm of Yeezy without my approval took talent on the production side and sprinkled them throughout adidas originals without my approval".

He also claims that Adidas slowed down his cooperation with other huge brands including Gap and Balenciaga "by trying to bully Gap". Complex have reported that Adidas refuses to comment on the situation.

Are you with Kanye on this one?