Jay Z is out, JT is in and there won't be a nipple in sight at Super Bowl LII if the latest reports are to believed.

According to Us Weekly, Timberlake is in the midst of finalising his deal with the NFL for his halftime show next year, and while there were rumours he might perform with onetime collaborator Jay-Z, "as of right now, it will just be Justin — no surprise performers."

If you're racking your brain trying to figure out why it's taken Timberlake so long to get his own solo Super Bowl halftime show, this is why.

While Janet Jackson's career was fundamentally changed for the worse following the "wardrobe malfunction" seen around the world, Timberlake got away pretty much unscathed and 14 years later, he'll be returning to the spotlight with, we're assuming, heavy restrictions on what he's allowed to do and a significant time delay.