If you're a fan of Fleet Foxes and you've worn out your copies of their three albums, it looks like good news may be on the way.

The Seattle-based band's last release was 2017's 'Crack-Up', but it appears that the folk troupe are about to announce a new record.

Frontman Robin Pecknold has been teasing fans on social media in recent days, while fans in Paris have spotted the first signs of a promo campaign, with posters placed on a building over the weekend that read: "Fleet Foxes, Shore 22/9/2020."

That chimes with Pecknold's own posts on Instagram, one of which was a short video with a soft guitar strummed that ended with 'Shore'.

He also said in an Instagram story: "“Yoooo next week or so I’ll be posting some promo type stuff on this account but I’ll try to keep it chill. Forgive me if I post any good feedback I know it’s corny but I’m excited and it’s weird to put out an album from quarantine.”


With Pecknold making no secret of the fact that the band has been working with Spanish producer Beatriz Artola on new songs for the past year, it looks like we'll be hearing new music and possibly an album release date tomorrow - so stay tuned...

UPDATE: The band have now revealed that their new album, 'Shore', will be released in its entirety tomorrow. It'll be accompanied by a 55-minute Super-16mm film “Shore,” filmed and directed by Kersti Jan Werdal.