You might think that a band like Iron Maiden have seen it all, done it all, bought the t-shirt and basically, that very little fazes them after 47 years in the game.

However, it seems that the British metal band's frontman Bruce Dickinson really, REALLY doesn't like when someone sets a flare off while he's singing.

One fan found this out the hard way during a recent Iron Maiden gig at the Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece.

As they launched into their song 'The Number of the Beast', a flare was lit in the crowd and Dickinson stopped singing to admonish the culprit with an expletive-laden tirade.

"The cunt with the fucking flare! I’m trying to sing up here, you fucking cocksucker," he said. "You Greek cunt. I’ve got to fucking sing, alright? Fuck you."

In fairness, he does have a point considering how dangerous flares are at close quarters, with many fans later wondering how such an item got past security.

Dickinson eventually did continue with the song.

Watch the footage below: