Irish rockers Croupier have opted to call it a day after six years together, according to a statement released this afternoon.

The band - who have long been good friends of - will play one final show together inside the confines of the Twisted Pepper on Dublin's Abbey Street on Friday May 30th. To mark this occasion, the band have made their entire back catalogue free to download over at their bandcamp page. Nice move, lads.

The statement issued by the band reads as follows:

"As some people may already know, as of June 2014, Croupier will be coming to an end. It has been a difficult decision to make, however, we feel it is the right moment for us to finish. It's been an amazing experience in which we have had the opportunity to not only play music as five close friends but also make a heap of friends along the way. We would like to thank our friends, family and anyone who has supported us and come to our shows. Of course, we won't be leaving without saying a proper goodbye! We'll be playing a show on at the Twisted Pepper on May 30th. As a final gift, all our music will be free to download from our bandcamp! So enjoy and thank you again from Harry, Rob, Niall, Charlie and Oisin."