This is a wonderful idea.

39 Irish female artists have come together to raise awareness for a charitable cause in a beautifully created new socially-distanced music video. The likes of Wyvern Lingo, Erica Cody, Pillow Queens, Soulé, Lisa Hannigan, Una Healy, Fia Moon, Moya Brennan and many more have joined forces in aid of Safe Ireland.

Calling themselves Irish Women in Harmony, the 39 singers and musicians have crafted their own version of The Cranberries stunning track 'Dreams', written by the late Dolores O'Riordan. The supergroup was formed following a recent statistic released by Gardaí, who said there has been a rise of 25% in domestic violence calls in recent months.

Edited together by Kevin Cassidy and his team at Document Films, the music video sees each of the Irish singers and musicians perform in front of camera in order to say that they won't be remaining quiet on this difficult subject many Irish people may currently be facing. 

Among the other names included in the phenomenal lineup are Imelda May, Caroline Corr, Laoise, Eve Belle, Loah, Lilla Vargen, Maria O'Connor, Roisin O, Lyra, Tolu Makay, Roe, and Saint Sister.

Here's the full video of the 39 Irish female artists performing together, with details of how you can help Safe Ireland just below.

All funds raised will go to Safe Ireland (visit their website here). You can also text SAFE to 50300 to donate €4, with a minimum of €3.25 going to the charity. Should you need to seek help from the charity, their helpline number is 0766805278.