Taylor Swift fans (or Swifties, as they're known) are a fiercely loyal bunch - and Irish band Lankum found out the extent of their bloodthirsty devotion yesterday.

It all began when a Twitter user jokingly tweeted about the similarity between the Dublin trad band's album artwork for 2017's 'Between the Earth and Sky' and Swift's recent record 'Folklore'.

Lankum innocently ran with the joke, adding that she had also ripped off their video for their song 'Cold Old Fire', saying "get some fresh ideas hun".

It was clearly all in good humour, but it wasn't long before a torrent of abuse was directed at the Choice Music Prize-winning band. Some of it was mild-mannered...

However, as they band themselves mentioned, things got very strange very quickly.

It goes without saying that this sort of abuse is not acceptable - but it got to the point that both Taylor Swift and Lankum were both trending on Irish Twitter, with plenty of innocent bystanders  having an amusing take on the whole thing...

There's only one thing for it: a collaboration is surely on the cards. Why not? It's 2020, anything can happen.