James Vincent McMorrow has been steadily making a name for himself both home and abroad over the last few years, with a sound that is constantly evolving but consistently great.

The Irish singer-songwriter has recently just released his third album 'We Move', and it sees him taking a step in a new direction once more, as he moves from the Indie-folk sound of earlier albums to a more R&B synth style. The album is a product of the artist's collaboration with the likes of Grammy-nominated producer Nineteen85, musician and producer Two Inch Punch and Grammy Award-winning record producer and DJ Frank Dukes.

We had a chance to catch up with James recently when he was in Dublin and chatted about why he chose to go down a different route with this album, his initial struggles of working with others on his songs, and how he has gone from hating to loving touring.

We also asked how he felt about his cover of Wicked Games being used in the trailer for Game of Thrones' most recent season, and it turns out he initially wasn't so keen;

"They hit me up and just said they cut a trailer with that song in it, and could they use it. I said no initially - not because I didn't want to do it - just because I was right in the middle of making the record. Those things are great, but they're not game-changers for me now. Not to undervalue it, because more than anything, those sort of things in the past for me have been huge."

McMorrow has previously had songs in The Twilight Saga, Grey's Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, and countless other US and UK TV shows.

"Just at that point in my life I didn't necessarily need to that," he continued. "We didn't have tours on the board, I was finishing the record and I could put a show on in New York or Minneapolis or London and play in front of two thousand people, without things like that, so what's the reason?

If that sounds like arrogance, don't take it as such, McMorrow's entire demeanour and attitude are incredibly down-to-earth, and if anything, this was a refreshingly honest answer to give in an interview. It turned out it didn't take much to change the musician's mind, as he added; "But then they spoke to me, and they were really nice. When people are nice and make it personal, usually I'll say yes.

"I like that show, obviously, and I like the people in it, and I have some friends that are in and around that show."

Turns out, it worked out pretty well for McMorrow too; "I've been involved in big things before but never something that is that instantaneous, and so widely spread. It was very unusual and a really interesting sociological experiment," he laughed.

"Millions and millions of people, in a heartbeat, are suddenly exposed to something. Even if you are a huge artist and you release a song, it still takes a minute to disseminate, with something like that, it was instantaneous.

"It was so singularly reactive, which I found really interesting, and really cool, and very much happy that I said yes."

He added; "It gave me a little bit of a kick in the arse because it was right when we were mixing and mastering the album. You need to get kickstarted to be in this cycle because the cycle it absolutely nuts. Touring versus working in a studio is a totally different entity so being able to do things like that, and have a focus on my day that wasn't just like 'let's talk about this mix or that drum sound' was cool because it just got me back in that frame of mind."

Catch the full interview below;

James's new album 'We Move' is out now, he's also performing in The National Stadium in Dublin this Friday, October 7th.