As you may have heard, Inhaler released their debut album 'It Won't Always Be Like This' on Friday and it has been clocking up some impressive reviews.

While the critics seem to be largely in favour of the young Dublin band - who we interviewed last week - it seems that the public are also responding favourably to the album.

The band have revealed that they are on course for a #1 spot in both the Irish and UK charts this week - and if they make the latter, they will be the first Irish band to score a UK #1 with their debut album in 13 years.

"To anyone who has bought the album already we're extremely thankful for your support and wouldn't be in this position without you," they said, sharing a throwback picture to their early days. "For anyone who hasn't got it yet and you'd like to help us get to number one, you can order a CD, cassette, vinyl, download it, stream it, get it on iTunes or at your local record shop."

They added: "It would mean the world to us and hopefully inspire other bands like us. I don't know about you but we love hearing guitars on the radio."