A little over a week remains until the start of the Indiependence Festival in Cork. Taking place over the August Bank Holiday Weekend, the line-up includes a delectable mix of Irish and international talent, like Feeder, 2manydjs, Jape, The Minutes, Royseven and more. 

An important part of any seasoned festivalgoer's preparation is poring over the stage times and drawing up a personal schedule of what exactly to see and when - all while avoiding the dreaded clashes. Check out the stage times below.

INDIE Main Stage

1800h – 1830h Shadowplay
1900h – 1930h This Club
2000h – 2045h The Kanyu Tree
2115h – 2215h Bressie
2300h – 0015h Maverick Sabre

1300h – 1330h The Raglans
1400h – 1430h Rooftop Anthem
1500h – 1530h Terrorpop
1600h – 1630h Cars Love Girls
1700h – 1730h Slow Motion Heroes
1800h – 1845h Royseven
1915h – 2000h The Frank & Walters
2045h – 2145h Feeder
2215h – 2345h 2manydjs

1300h – 1330h Screenreader
1400h – 1430h The Shoo’s
1500h – 1530h Neon Wolf
1600h – 1630h Dead School
1700h – 1730h Squarehead
1800h – 1830h Fighting With Wire
1900h – 1945h The Gandhi’s
2015h – 2100h The Minutes
2145h – 2230h British Sea Power
2300h – 0015h The Coronas


The Big Top Stage
1715h – 1745h Machine Gun Baby
1815h – 1900h The Empire Lights
1930h – 2015h The Original Rudeboys
2045h – 2130h Bitches With Wolves
2200h – 2300h Jape
2330h – 0045h The Japanese Popstars
0100h – 0300h Electric Dreams Disco

1215h – 1245h Emerson
1315h – 1345h Kodakid
1415h – 1445h Last Days of 1984
1515h – 1545h Hello Moon
1615h – 1645h Kodaline
1715h – 1800h Zombie Computer
1830h – 1915h The Pale
1945h – 2030h Toby Kaar
2100h – 2145h Patrick Kelleher & His Cold Dead Hands
2215h – 2300h We Cut Corners
2330h – 0030h Scroobius Pip
0100h – 0300h LTJ Bukem feat MC Conrad

1215h – 1245h The Dead Heavys
1315h – 1345h Roisin O
1415h – 1445h Reid
1515h – 1545h Elaine Mai
1615h – 1645h Daithi
1715h – 1800h Hush War Cry
1830h – 1915h Le Galaxie
1945h – 2030h Leaders of Men
2100h – 2145h Ham Sandwich
2215h – 2300h Delorentos
2330h – 0030h Beardyman
0100h – 0300h The Indie Disco End of Festival Party


The Bacardi Oakheart Arena
1700h – 1830h Pat Ahern
1830h – 2000h Lil’Dave (Nightflight)
2000h – 2200h A&E
2200h – 0000h Dazboy
0000h – 0130h Horse Meat Disco
0130h – 0300h Neil Corcoran

1200h – 1330h John Duggan
1330h – 1500h Greg Kent
1500h – 1630h Colm Lougheed
1630h – 1800h Big Dish Go
1800h – 1830h Torann Drums
1830h – 2000h Sol O’Carroll (Nightflight)
2000h – 2130h Gossy
2130h – 2300h Scribble Sound System
2300h – 0100h Mark E
0100h – 0300h KC

1200h – 1330h TBC
1330h – 1500h Anthony Murphy
1500h – 1630h Billy McGaley
1630h – 1800h Pat Croke
1800h – 1830h Torann Drums
1830h – 2000h Dave Halligan
2000h – 2130h Big Dish Go
2130h – 2300h Stevie G
2300h – 0100h Foals DJ Set
0100h – 0300h Fish Go Deep


Red Bull Bedroom Jam w/ Breaking Tunes
1715h – 1745h The Fallen Drakes
1815h – 1845h Annette Buckley
1915h – 1945h Kammerpop
2015h – 2045h Owensie
2115h – 2145h Gavin James
2215h – 2245h Girl Band
2315h – 2345h Spies
0015h – 0115h Rams Pocket Radio
0130h – 0300h Daft Funk

1215h – 1245h Zealots
1315h – 1345h Nation of The State
1415h – 1445h Half Man Half Bicycle
1515h – 1545h Kellie Lewis
1615h – 1645h Maria Canci
1715h – 1745h A Plastic Rose
1815h – 1845h Milan Jay
1915h – 1945h Eleventy Four
2015h – 2045h Toy Soldier
2115h – 2145h Dott
2215h – 2245h Ross Breen
2315h – 2345h Time Is A Thief
0015h – 0115h The Funeral Suits
0130h – 0300h PK & Jay

1215h – 1245h N.O.D
1315h – 1345h The Dirty 9’s
1415h – 1445h The Koubas
1515h – 1545h Autumn Long
1615h – 1645h Axis Of
1715h – 1745h Darkest Era
1815h – 1845h Wizards of Firetop Mountain
1915h – 1945h Brains
2015h – 2045h Icon on Fire
2115h – 2145h In The Willows
2215h – 2245h Walking on Cars
2315h – 2345h In Their Thousands
0015h – 0045h Drea
0130h – 0300h King Kong Company

The Silent Stage

2100h – 0230h The Silent Disco

1200h – 1400h Kids Entertainment
1400h – 1530h INDIE Movie of the Day
1600h – 1700h Choke Comedy
1700h – 2000h Human Board Games
2030h – 0230h The Silent Disco

1200h – 1400h Kids Entertainment
1400h – 1530h INDIE Movie of the Day
1600h – 1730h Ringo Bingo
1800h – 1900h Choke Comedy
2000h – 0230h The Silent Disco