Everyone's favourite Liberties lass, Imelda May, has re-recorded a version of her 'Mayhem' album track 'Kentish Town Waltz' with Velvet Underground legend Lou Reed.

Speaking to Metro, the singer said, "The producer, Tony Visconti, got an earful of the song, played it to Lou Reed, who apparently loved it, and before I knew it I was flying to New York to record with him."
"Love duets can be cheesy but this was about bittersweet experience. Lou brings his lovely, half-talking tones and turns it into something more conversational."

Imelda admitted it was strange to work with such an icon.
"It was weird asking, 'Would you mind doing that line again, Mr Reed, please?'. And he was like, 'Sure! It's your song!'.

She also spoke of her inspiration for the song, "I wrote 'Kentish Town Waltz' about when I first came over to London with my husband ... It's about struggling but also having a great time if you stick together. It might tie in with even more people now there's been a recession."