Imbolc was a Celtic festival to honour pagan goddess Brigid, who is associated with creativity, wisdom, poetry, healing, protection - which means that it's an apt title to celebrate Irish women.

A new music special called 'Imbolc' is available now on the RTE Player and features live performances from a number of Irish female musicians.

Hosted by former Fight Like Apes/Le Galaxie vocalist MayKay, the show was filmed on the shores of Lough Derg and features:

Emma Langford
Wyvern Lingo
Ciara Meade
Erica Cody
Dea Matrona
Lisa Lambe 

Cody said: "We have come so far, endured so much, but we have conquered even more. To me, being a woman is celebrating what we have overcome and what we continue to build and achieve, not only today but every day. To spread love and acknowledge our struggles to ALL our sisters".

You can watch it on the RTE Player now.