Rapper Iggy Azalea is no stranger to controversy, but her latest video might be her most eyebrow-raising yet.

The Australian rapper has been accused of cultural appropriation in the past after wearing her hair in braids and cornrows - but the video for new single 'I Am the Stripclub' sees her in heavy make-up that some social media users have described as 'blackface'.

The radical image overhaul - complete with dark hair that's a marked change from her usual blonde tresses - have led to accusations of 'blackfishing', i.e. non-black public figures altering their appearance to look ethnically black.

Now, Azalea has responded to the criticism by dismissing it as 'nonsense on the internet.'

She replied to one critic by linking them to the shade of make-up that she used in the video, saying "This is the color I wear, it’s on the arm color of a tan white person. I’m not wearing crazy dark makeup at ALL. Everyone in the club scene looks darker, it’s a club scene! I’m sick of ppl trying to twist my words or make shit a problem when all I’ve done is try a hair color."

She replied to another fan who reached out, saying "I can’t care about something that ridiculous and baseless. I’m wearing a shade 6 in armarni [sic] foundation, it’s the same shade I’ve worn for the last 3 years. It’s the same shade in every music video since sally Walker. Suddenly I wear a black wig in a club scene & its an issue."

In another tweet, she said "People will say ANYthing to try and cancel me and it’s actually kinda funny to watch people so worked up over a black wig and Smokey eye."

You can decide for yourself by watching the video below: