Idris Elba has made it clear that he's got absolutely no qualms when it comes to sharing his thoughts on the one and only Liam Gallagher. Pacific Rim and Luther star Elba thinks Gallagher is a complete tosser, and we guess he's not alone there, though his own choice of words are far more entertaining.

As per NME, last February this pair's feud began back in February when at an NME after party, they butted heads over something as simple as Liam taking the piss out of Idris' bobble hat. Yes, it can be that childish.

With the bee still firmly under his bonnet, Elba has had a good oul rant to GQ, explaining exactly what went down on that fateful Spring night.

Elba claims that he met Gallagher in a bar, greeted him with open arms and a friendly rub on the head. And what of Gallagher's reaction? "Didn’t like that. Don’t touch his hair, apparently. F*ck off. Next time walk with a f*cking hairdresser, then."

Trying to justify why Liam is the way he is, Elba jokes: "Well, 'I'm a popular rock singer, so I'm going to be mean and f*cking horrible to people just because they messed up my look.' F*ck off."

What's more, GQ then probed Elba about a DJ set of his during which he performed a version of Wonderwall which they were wondering may have been a dig at Gallagher. "No! F*ck that idiot. No. I don’t even know what his songs are about now or what band he’s in now. No-one gives a f*ck, yeah? He was popular when he was in Oasis."

Tell us how you really feel, Idris!

Is he right? Is Liam a complete bell-end?