It's safe to say that Liam Gallagher has made plenty of enemies over the years with his devil-may-care attitude, but one of them is particularly good at holding a grudge.

Mark Lanegan, frontman of grunge band Screaming Trees - who has also released solo albums and worked with bands like Queens of the Stone Age - has come for the former Oasis man with all guns blazing in his new autobiography.

'Sing Backwards and Weep' recounts a story from 1996, when Screaming Trees were due to support Oasis. However, when Liam mocked their band name by calling them 'Howling Branches', it raised Lanegan's hackles. He said that he called Gallagher a "fucking idiot" and set a time and date to duke it out, but Liam "had quit and bailed before I could have a go at him… That phony motherfucker had pissed his pants and gone home to mama before I had a chance to blow this whole thing up myself."

Lanegan certainly pulls no punches in his estimation of the Manchester man, calling him a 'clown', 'cocksucker', 'bedwetter' and 'insufferable' in one excerpt alone:

Needless to say, Liam got wind of the attack on his character and responded by calling him an 'uptight junkie' and 'another bullshitter trying to sell a book':

Lanegan in turn responded to the tweet, calling him a "fucking tool" and once again, offering to "put serious hurt" on Gallagher.

Noel, meanwhile, has been pretty quiet during all of this but we expect that he's enjoying it very, very much.